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The Exam 6U Fall 2022 CF Online Seminar provides comprehensive review and problem videos.  Review videos provide detailed explanations and examples of the major points in each paper.  Problem videos provide detailed explanations of a sample of questions (both original problems and past CAS problems) for most papers.  Some of the non-mathematical papers will not have a problem review video due to the nature of the content and the fact that very few past exam problems exist for them.  In addition, the seminar includes access to the CF study guide, two practice exams, and supplementary materials.  All material mentioned above is accessed within the online course.  

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Michael McPhail & Scott Merkord

Course curriculum

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    2. Study Schedule

    1. Study Guide - Kucera

    2. Review Video - Kucera

    1. Study Guide - McCarty

    2. Review Video - McCarty

    3. Problems Video - Kucera & McCarty

    4. Practice Problems - Kucera & McCarty (Excel Format)

    1. Study Guide - NAIC Price

    2. Review Video - NAIC Price

    3. Problems Video - NAIC Price

    4. Practice Problems - NAIC Price (Excel Format)

    1. Study Guide - Porter Ch. 2

    2. Review Video - Porter Ch. 2

    3. Problems Video - Porter Ch. 2

    4. Practice Problems - Porter Ch. 2 (Excel Format)

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